Welcome to The Attic

The GreenOak Productions Portfolio

You won't find any dust up here! This is where we store archives of the sites we've helped design - a sort of scrapbook-cum-photo album-cum-address book.

Please feel free to rifle through the boxes and stuff and take a peek at any sites you find interesting. We're also including pages we have been involved in where we've just re-skinned or added a few mods and hacks (even those that are made with Open Source projects such as phpNuke).

But you're web designers, why use a pre-made site?

As me old muvva used to say: Why re-invent the wheel? If we want to build a site with all the features that are already included in phpNuke or something similar, why build a new one from scratch (and take much longer to get it running) when we could be spending that valuable time on somebody else's website - maybe even yours?

Sites we designed from the bottom up

These sites are ones we made from scratch. (And, of course, we made the GreenOak Productions site from scratch, too!) Click the image to see a bigger screen-shot, and click the site name to go to the actual site.

Loquacity - Talk to the World!

Loquacity - Talk to the World!
A blogging project that Roxxie was asked to help out with, Loquacity was a simple, clean template - the site owner wanted it to match the forum theme he'd chosen, and she had great fun doing that. She liked the overall shape so much she used a similar one for GreenOak.

There are a few features under the bonnet of this simple-looking site. It's built so that if a new language translation becomes available, it can be placed into a folder and with very minor modifications to the basic code, the site becomes available for use in that language, by selection from a drop-down menu.

This is one of Roxxie's favourite styles at the moment - the large header area with the simple horizontal navigation and medium-contrast colour schemes. It looks so elegant and simple. It also allows for all sorts of nice quirks. The great thing about this style is, it will suit almost any purpose you need your site to fulfill - from displaying comic strips to social bookmarking to selling hand-crocheted cushion covers...

Sites we re-skinned, tweaked, or installed

The Stickler's Rest - Roleplay community site

The Stickler's Rest - Roleplay community site
This is based on phpNuke, with a few additions. Roxxie produced a new navigation block and user information block, as well as a chat-room block and an adaptation of the FAQ block to produce the R101-School.

The Sohei Brotherhood - Gamers' clan site

The Sohei Brotherhood - Gamers' clan site
This is another site based on phpNuke, with only a few tweaks. Roxxie installed this a while back, and then upgraded it to a much faster, more secure version of Nuke. She recently modified a theme for this site by adding in a forums theme to the Space theme.

Sample graphics by Roxxie

I really enjoy making little graphics and things, and constantly play with my graphics programs in my spare time. I'm including graphics I made in my spare time as favours for friends, too. Sadly due to issues with our last host, all the files I had to show you have been corrupted! So I shall have to create a whole new bunch of graphics for you to see - until then, take a look at the graphics I have created for GreenOak and Loquacity, to see the simple effectiveness of my logos and background images.

I can do banners of all shapes and sizes, and particularly take pride in my animated .gifs. I can also produce icons, buttons, logos, and tiling images. I am also quite good at 'photoshopping' old photographs to give them new life or that 'superstar' glow, and at creating lineart from scanned sketches. Feel free to contact me to request something - if you don't like the result, you don't pay a penny!